Sadie & Joe's Sicilian Oven, LLC

Vendor name: Ann Marie Boryeskne
Address: ​330 N Hassebroek St, Riley, KS  66531

What can you find at my booth?​
American Sicilian-Italian, NY/NJ baked goods like biscotti & Holy Limone Squares plus much more baked awesomeness from my family old school, always made with love recipes. From my Riley, KS insecticide/pesticide free home garden: a wide variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant & Italian frying peppers!

New homemade, off the chain food products that will add flavor to any of your meals.

Plus, additional homecrafted item's that you might not expect!

Always free baked good samples -Always!

It would be my pleasure to meet you!

Come and visit me,

Ann Marie

 Shop local through the winter at Pottorf Hall in Cico park!